Where Your Eyes Linger (2020) Eng Subs – Gay Movies

Original title: Where Your Eyes Linger
Year: 2020
Running time: 10 min.
Country: South Korea South Korea
Director: Hwang Da-Seul (Creator), Hwang Da-Seul
Screenwriter: Hwang Da-Seul
Cast: Han Gi-Chan · Han Tae-Joo ; Jang Eui-soo · Kang Gook ; Choi Kyu-Ri · Choi Hye-Mi ; Jeon Jae Yeong · Pil Hyun.
Producer: W Story. Distributor: Viki
Genre: TV Series. Comedy. Romance | TV Miniseries. Gay & Lesbian
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Synopsis: TV Series (2020). 1 Season. 8 Episodes. High school students Han Tae-joo and Kang-gook have always been together for 15 years. Although they are friends, Gook is actually a bodyguard for Tae-joo, the heir of a chaebol family. But before they know it, they feel different kinds of feelings for each other. What does Gook mean to Tae-joo, and what does Tae-joo mean to Gook?

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