Where Do We Go From Here? (2015) Watch Gay Movies

Original title: Where Do We Go From Here?
Year: 2015
Running time: 82 min.
Country: United Kingdom
Director: John McPhail
Screenwriter: John McPhail, Stuart Cadenhead, Amy Hogarth, Andrew Lanni
Music: Tyler Collins
Cinematography: Grant McPhee, John McPhail
Cast: Tyler Collins, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Alison Peebles, Richard Addison, Maryam Hamidi
Producer: Worrying Drake Productions. Producer: Lauren Lamarr, Andrew Lanni, John McPhail
Genre: Comedy. Romance | Old Age / Elderly
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Synopsis: When Jen starts her new job as a nurse at the ‘Easy Love Care Home’, she is surprised to find James, a 25 year old man living and working in the building. James and his three, elderly best friends hatch a plan to go on one last adventure and the only medical cover they can get is the one person who doesn’t want to be around old people. Will their plan go off without a hitch or is there a sell by date on adventure?