Wandering Heart – Errante corazón (2021) Subs Eng

Original title: Errante corazón
Year: 2021
Running time: 112 min.
Country: Argentina
Director: Leonardo Brzezicki
Screenwriter: Leonardo Brzezicki
Music: Nico Casal
Cinematography: Pedro Sotero
Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Miranda de la Serna, Eva Llorach, Iván González, Alberto Ajaka, Thalita Carauta, Tuca Andrada
Producer: Co-production Argentina-Brazil-Spain-Netherlands-Chile; Keplerfilm, Don Quijote Films, RT Features, Ruda Cine, Vértigo Films
Genre: Drama | Gay & Lesbian
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Synopsis: Santiago, gay single father, has reached a tipping point in his life. Reeling from a bitter breakup, he is facing the impending departure of his daughter Laila, with whom he shares a close yet emotionally charged relationship. As the fear of being alone threatens to swallow him whole, his behavior becomes increasingly erratic. Over the course of a chaotic summer divided between Argentina and Brazil, Santiago must learn to let go of Laila so each can find their own freedoms.