Two of Us (1987) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Two of Us
Year: 1987
Running time: 1h
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Roger Tonge
Screenwriter: Leslie Stewart
Music: David Chilton
Cinematography: Andrew Dunn
Cast: Jason Rush, Lee Whitlock, Jenny Jay, Zoƫ Nathenson, Kathy Burke, James McKenna, Martha Constantinou
Producer: Bristish Broadcasting Corporation
Genre: Drama. Romance

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Synopsis: Matthew is a boy who just left school. He is handsome and athletic and believes himself to be gay. He retains a friendship with only one school friend, Phil, who has stuck by Matthew despite hostile reactions from his peers. As their relationship grows more intense, Phil’s girlfriend Sharon and his classmates become vindictive and aggressive. The two friends find themselves ostracized by both friends and family and decide to run away.