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Original title: The Swimmer
Year: 2021
Running time: 1h 23min
Country: Israel
Director: Adam Kalderon
Screenwriter: Adam Kalderon
Music:  N/A
Cast: Omer Perelman Striks, Asaf Jonas, Nadia Kucher, Igal Reznik
Producer:  N/A
Genre: Drama | Swimming. Psychological Drama
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Synopsis: Erez (Omer Perelman Striks), a rising star in the Israeli swimming scene arrives at a godforsaken training camp held in a boarding school where the winning athlete gets a coveted ticket to the Olympics. There he meets the beautiful and talented Nevo, who awakens long repressed desires in him, throwing his Olympic chances (and libido) into turmoil. This attraction is complicated further by their stern swimming coach who does not believe in fraternising between competitors and is warned to stay away or risk his Olympic dreams. Will Ezra act upon his feelings for Nevo and risk losing everything he has strived for becomes the urgent question at the heart of this vibrant and engaging film.