The Sea – Al Mar (2021) Subs Eng – Gay Movies Online

Original title: The Sea – Al Mar
Year: 2021
Running time: 1h 18m
Country: Chile
Director: Marco Antonio Núñez
Screenwriter: Marco Antonio Núñez
Producer: Franco Bertozzi
Cinematography: Benjamín Luna
Cast: Ana Burgos, Francisco Dañobeitía, Marcelo Gutierrez, Anita Reeves, Consuelo Holzapfel, Álvaro Ceballos
Sound: José Laguna, Diego Rencoret
Genre: Drama | Romance
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Synopsis: The story of Ana and Diego, a couple who decide to go live on the coast in Chile. There, they meet Vicente, with whom Diego secretly begins a relationship. Ana, for her part, must decide if she wants to open up to a relationship that deconstructs the traditional ways of relating affectively.

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