The Schoolmaster Games (2022) Subs Eng – Gay Movies

Original title: Magisterlekarna
Year: 2022
Running time: 82 min.
Country: Sweden
Director: Ylva Forner
Screenwriter: Ylva Forner. Novel: Kristofer Folkhammar
Cast: Johan Ehn, Christian Arnold, Johan Charles, Simon Kling, Nino Forss, Joel Valois, Jani Blom, Arvin Kananian, Viktor Flarkell
Music: Mathias Blomdahl
Cinematography: Adam Nilsson
Producer: Northern Fable, RMV Film
Genre: Drama | Gay & Lesbian


Synopsis: The St Sebastian Academy is an all-male school where homosexuality is the norm. It pulsates of eroticism and power games that the strict Schoolmaster orchestrates. In his secret relationship with pupil Charles, he’s developed the Schoolmaster Games, an extended play where Charles makes mischief and the Schoolmaster punishes.

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