The Love Patient (2011) Gay Movies Online

Original title: The Love Patient
Year: 2011
Running time: 95 min.
Country: United States
Director: Michael Simon
Screenwriter: Michael Simon
Music: Don Barrett
Cinematography: Christopher S. Walters
Cast: Benjamin Lutz, John Werskey, Jackson Palmer, Madison Gray, Mike Pfaff, Laura Ulsh, John Kilpatrick
Producer: Passion Fruit Productions. Distributor: TLA releasing
Genre: Comedy | Gay & Lesbian. Romantic Comedy

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Synopsis: Paul is a success who has gone stale with his work and his life. He has lost the love of his life but they are still co-workers. So he decides to “get” cancer so he can be popular again with Brad. When the (supposedly fake) test result comes back, he is diagnosed with an actual spot on his lungs which has “metastasized” and he is put to bed rest and on a drug regimen. But is the diagnosis real or faked or an “intervention” by his friends, co-workers and ex-lover… His family and friends do, in fact, assemble around him and hilarity ensues – with some familial bickering.