The Fruit Machine (1988) Gay Movies Online

Original title: The Fruit Machine
Year: 1988
Running time: 103 min.
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Philip Saville
Screenwriter: Frank Clarke
Music: Hans Zimmer
Cinematography: Dick Pope
Cast: Emile Charles, Tony Forsyth, Robert Stephens, Clare Higgins, Bruce Payne, Robbie Coltrane, Carsten Norgaard
Producer: Granada Television, Ideal Communications Films
Genre: Drama
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Synopsis: The 16 years old gay Eddie runs away from home, where he’s constantly harassed by his father. With his friend Michael he witnesses at the gay disco “Fruit Machine” how it’s owner is slayed by killer Echo. They run away, but now the killer’s after them – however after Eddie visits a dolphin show, he’s more concerned about their life than his.