The Fluffer (2001) Free Gay Movies Online

Original title: The Fluffer
Year: 2001
Running time: 95 min.
Country: United States
Director: Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland
Screenwriter: Wash Westmoreland
Music: John Vaughn, Micko Westmoreland
Cinematography: Mark Putnam
Cast: Scott Gurney, Michael Cunio, Roxanne Day, Richard Riehle, Deborah Harry, Robert Walden, Taylor Negron, Tim Bagley, Adina Porter, Ruben Madera, Josh Holland
Producer: Fluff and Flod
Genre: Drama | Gay & Lesbian. Sexuality & Porn

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Synopsis: Self-effacing, boyish Sean moves to LA to pursue a career in movies but finds it tougher than he imagined. He stumbles onto porn star Johnny Rebel–a handsome, muscled dream of men and women alike–who awakens Sean’s deep obsession. But Johnny’s straight, or so it seems. Although he works in gay porn, Johnny lives with a stripper girlfriend named Babylon who’s willful, charismatic and hard as nails. Sean finds a way to get closer to his idol than even he dreamed possible. But Sean and Babylon’s one-sided, “fluffing” relationships with Johnny are precariously balanced, and can only go so far.