The 10 Year Plan (2014) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: 10 Year Plan
Year: 2014
Running time: 90 min.
Country: United States
Director: J.C. Calciano
Screenwriter: J.C. Calciano
Music: Christopher Farrell
Cinematography: Pawel Pogorzelski
Cast: Adam Bucci, Michael Adam Hamilton, Moronai Kanekoa, Trevor Kuhn, Ben Palacios, Nathan Peterson, Teri Reeves, Christopher S. Reid, Michael Rothhaar
Producer: Cinema 175
Genre: Comedy. Romance | Gay & Lesbian. Romantic Comedy. Friendship

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Synopsis: Meet Myles and Brody, best friends and total opposites. Myles is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right. Brody is a sexy player on the hunt for Mr. Right Now. These two friends make a plan that they’ll be together if both of them are still single in a decade. Nearly ten years later and still alone, both friends will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming a couple.