Summer Dark (2010) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Summer Dark
Year: 2010
Running time: 1h 30min
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Stephen Tepper
Screenwriter: Dan Fry
Music: Johan Venter
Cast: Wil Bol, Emma Brown, Chrissie Collins, Cheryl Knight, John Thompson, Rod Wood, mariee Hunt, Julia Marusic, Tush Enaker, Carl patrick, Taryn Kay
Producer: Wil Bol
Genre: Drama. Suspense
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Synopsis: Film based on a crime novel fanatic female who starts to follow individual strangers on the streets of London as a result of her elaborate fantasies. One particular man she decides to follow all the way to her local dental surgery, leads her into danger and inadvertently leading her gay flatmate to an uncompromising, life threatening situation.