Station to Station (2021) Gay Online Movies

Original title: Station to Station
Year: 2021
Running time: 2h 8min
Country: United States
Director: Benjamin Bryant
Screenwriter: Benjamin Bryant
Cast: David Eggers II, Jordan Getty, Cate Farrow, Andrew Cawley
Music: Francis McGrath
Producer: Bryant Zamberlan Group
Distributor:  BZ/MP
Genre: Drama
Category: Tag:


Synopsis: Matters of identity, expression, expectation and belonging have never been simple for Tom Ryan, the David Bowie-obsessed son of a maid in New York’s tony Hampton’s playground. But when the revelation of a sordid family secret shatters his sense of self, Tom flees to the electric anonymity of Las Vegas to forget. When an intriguing stranger presents him with the ultimate chance at distraction, Tom is launched into a charged and stimulating world of indulgence, adulation, and exhibition, finding unexpected connections with an eclectic “family of choice.” But when Tom’s new world begins to tear apart from within (in a harrowing series of dramatic and revelatory events, each with Tom at the center) he quickly learns how the things we leave unresolved in life find ways to force their own resolution.

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