Sex, Party and Lies (2009) Subs Eng – Movie Online Gay

Original title: Mentiras y gordas
Year: 2009
Running time: 107 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes
Screenwriter: Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes, Ángeles González-Sinde
Music: Juan Sueiro, Juan Carlos Molina
Cinematography: Alfredo F. Mayo
Cast: Mario Casas, Ana de Armas, Yon González, Hugo Silva, Ana Polvorosa, Alejo Sauras
Producer: Alquimia, Castafiore Films, Tornasol Films
Genre: Drama | Teen/coming-of-age. Drugs
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Synopsis: It’s a tragic story of love and hopelessness, centered around two best friends, one of whom is secretly in love with the other. Both, with a group of friends, are preparing for the summer, a life full of secrets, lies, drugs, sex and parties. They do not yet know that they are unlikely to be able..