Ron and Justin (2012) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Ron and Justin
Year: 2013
Running time: 1hr 40min
Country: United States
Director: Mark Livingston
Screenwriter: Mark Livingston
Music: Alyssa Javier
Cinematography: Mark Livingston & Ben Rohrbaugh
Cast: Trevor Cantrell, Dalton Bowman, Matt Cress, Haley Thompson, Eric Krause
Producer: Assistants: Drake Stanley and Nick Reardon
Genre: Drama | Romance

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Synopsis: Ron and Justin follows the story of high school football player, Ron Masterson and how he comes to fall in love with fellow student, Justin Crawford, during their school’s masquerade homecoming. Based on William Shakespeare’s classic tale, Romeo and Juliet, the movie follows Ron as he comes to term with his own sexuality and Justin as he now must hide everything he knows from his friends. The two boys must not only come to terms with who they are as individuals and as a couple, but keep their relationship a secret, for fear of their conflicting cliques out casting or even harming them.