Rivers Wash Over Me (2009) Gay Movies Online

Original title: Rivers Wash Over Me
Year: 2009
Running time: 1h 29m
Country: United States
Director: John G. Young
Screenwriter:  John G. Young – Darien Sills-Evans
Music: Kenneth Lampl
Production company: D Street Pictures
Cinematography: Robert Ansbro
Cast:  Derrick L. Middleton, Aidan Schultz-Meyer, Elizabeth Dennis, Darien Sills-Evans, Cameron Mitchell Mason
Producer: Darien Sills-Evans
Distributed: Strand Releasing
Genre: Drama. LGTB
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Synopsis: The film touches on race relations, incest, drugs, and growing up gay in the American South. A recent New York City transplant, Sequan Greene (Derrick L. Middleton) has been sent to live in Alabama after the recent death of his mother. He is brutally raped by his cousin Michael Wilis (Cameron Mitchell Mason). It becomes clear that Michael also is gay – a victim as well as a victimizer. He says, “I can’t be a faggot …You’re the faggot. You’re my faggot.” Sequan is also bullied and beaten up at school. Sequan soon finds a friend in Lori Anderson (Elizabeth Dennis), the girlfriend of drug dealer/basketball player Ahmed Robins (Duane McLaughlin). Lori is the town’s “bad girl” who has a heart of gold. Although she freebases, snorts coke throughout the school day, steals guns and sleeps with the town basketball star, she is immediately taken by admiration of Sequan and his brazen nonconformity. Despite Sequan’s unwillingness, Lori manages to befriend him, bringing him out of his shell and eventually introducing him to both moonshine and her gay brother, Jake (Aidan Schultz-Meyer).

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