Remembering the Man (2015) Gay Movies Online

Original title: Remembering the Man
Year: 2015
Running time: 83 min.
Country: Australia
Director: Nickolas Bird, Eleanor Sharpe
Screenwriter: Nickolas Bird, Eleanor Sharpe. Story: Dennis K. Smith
Music: Dale Cornelius
Cinematography: Ellery Ryan
Cast: Documentary, George Banders, Reece Manning, Richard Bligh, Denis Moore, Lise Rodgers, Patrick Frost, Julie-Anne Goodwin, Graham Turner, Michael Nadalin
Producer: Distributor: Peccadillo Pictures
Genre: Documentary | Historical. Gay & Lesbian. 1970s
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Synopsis: At a prestigious Catholic boys school in Melbourne in the seventies, Tim Conigrave and John Caleo fell madly in love. Their passionate, tempestuous, operatic romance lasted for sixteen years, facing disapproval, temptation, separation, and the looming shadow of the Grim Reaper. Their star crossed relationship was immortalized in Timothy Conigrave’s memoir “Holding the Man”, and has been adapted for stage and screen.

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