Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí – Subs

Original title: Perdona bonita, pero Lucas me quería a mí
Year: 1997
Running time: 92 min.
Country: Spain Spain
Director: Félix Sabroso, Dunia Ayaso
Screenwriter: Félix Sabroso, Dunia Ayaso
Cast: Jordi Mollà · Pepón Nieto · Roberto Correcher · Lucina Gil
Music: Manuel Villalta
Cinematography: Arnaldo Catanari
Producer: Sogetel, Cristal P.C. S.A
Genre: Comedy | Black Comedy. Gay & Lesbian. Crime
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Synopsis: Until Lucas appeared in their lives, Dani, Carlos and Toni had a quiet life with no major concerns. They shared almost everything: the house, housework, dogs, his homosexual tendencies and debts. It was these that forced them to rent one of the bedrooms of their floor. Then came Lucas, his hair long, his charming smile, and his muscular body to completely change the life and destiny of their lovers home. Lucas is found dead but … Who killed him? All had reasons to do so, or maybe non.

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