Paper Boys (2009) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Paper Boys
Year: 2009
Running time: 2h 6min
Country: United States
Director: Bryan E. Hall
Screenwriter: Bryan E. Hall
Cinematography: Aware Productions
Cast:  Louis Lavdas, Jus Riddick, Nathan Bach, Dillon Roseen
Producer: Aware Productions
Genre: Drama. Comedy.
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Synopsis: A ragtag bunch of teenage door to door salesmen wreak havoc and spread the news of their coming of age in this summer before they begin their college lives. It centers around Sean, a sexually confused and drug afflicted teen who just can’t seem to shake off his dysfunctional family history. Paper Boys is an adventure into the psychology of sales as a metaphor for life as these young “Glengarry Glen Ross” wannabes terrorize a suburban neighborhood near everyone!