Nos vies heureuses (Our Happy Lives) 1999 – Subs Eng

Original title: Nos vies heureuses (Our Happy Lives)
Year: 1999
Running time: 145 min.
Country: France
Director: Jacques Maillot
Screenwriter: Jacques Maillot, Eric Veniard
Cast: Marie Payen · Cécile Richard · Camille Japy · Sami Bouajila · Eric Bonicatto · Jean-Michel Portal
Music: Allie Delfau
Cinematography: Luc Pages
Producer: Canal+, TSF, Idéa Productions, Magouric Productions
Genre: Drama
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Synopsis:Intertwined stories of six friends searching for happy lives. Julie is released from hospital after a suicide attempt, Ali leaves Morocco to study in France, Jean-Paul is a religious militant, Emilie is in the midst of a breakup, Cecile staves off boredom by taking photographs, and Lucas has broken up with his wife and is in the midst of finding himself sexually.

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