Never Let Me Go (2022) Gay Short Movies

Original title: Never Let Me Go
Year: 2022
TIme: 50 min.
Country: Ireland
Director: Bruno Rodrigues
Screenwriter: Bruno Rodrigues
Cast: Alec · Tiff O’Brien Jonathan · Lucas Marques Felipe · Barbara D’Orsi Alison · Robbie Collins Daniel · Tim O’Leary Jake · Rosa
Producer: Allan Shindi – Marco Zordan – Leticia Arruda
Studios: Kōen Films – Zordan Media
Make Up: Reda Pinchera
Genre: Drama
Category: Tag:


Synopsis: After fleeing an abusive relationship that lasted 8 years, Alec moves to Ireland to start over and rediscover himself. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn after Jonathan enters Alec’s life.

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