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Title: My Son Is Gay
Original Title: En Magan Magizhvan
Year: 2017
Running time: 115 Minutes
Country: India
Director: Lokesh Kumar
Screenwriter:  Anil Saxena
Cast:  Anupama Kumar as Lakshmi, Ashwinjith as Varun, Abishek Joseph George as Karthik, Jayaprakash as Dr Ram, Kishore as Gopi, Sriranjani as Uma, Eswari as Chandrama, Sharath as Rohit
Music: Dani Charles
Cinematography: Rathina Kumar
Producer: Santhan Anebajagane
Genre: Musical. Drama
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Synopsis: Lakshmi is a mother and a no-nonsense school principal. Her life is uncomplicated and safe and she is blissfully unaware of the storm brewing that will threaten everything she believes in. She loves her son Varun, a cheerful and a carefree young man who is devoted to her. Varun always knew he was different from other boys, but felt secure in his mother’s love. That security is shattered when Lakshmi discovers Varun is gay and rejects him. Varun finds love with Karthik, but he will never be as happy as he once was. Lakshmi can’t bear the loss of her son and sets out to find him.

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