Miss Kicki (2009) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Miss Kicki
Year: 2009
Running time: 88 min.
Country: Sweden
Director: Håkon Liu
Screenwriter: Alex Haridi
Music: Fredrik Viklund
Cinematography: Ari Willey
Cast: Pernilla August, Ludwig Palmell, Huang He, Britta Andersson, Eric Tsang, Kai-lin Wu, Chao-wei Wang
Producer: Co-production Sweden-Taiwan; Migma Film AB, Svenska Filminstitutet, Svenska Filminstitutet, Film I Väst, Ocean Deep Films, Migma West HB
Genre: Drama

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Synopsis: Miss Kicki is a relationship drama about a complicated mother´s love. Kicki and her teenage son Viktor tries to patch up lost years together by going on holiday to Taiwan. What the son doesn’t know is that his mother is mostly making the trip to meet her online date.