Maschile Singolare (2021) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Maschile singolare
Year: 2021
Running time: 101 min.
Country: Italy
Director: Alessandro Guida, Matteo Pilati
Screenwriter: Giuseppe PaternĂ² Raddusa, Matteo Pilati, Alessandro Guida
Music: Umberto Gaudino, Jean Michel Sneider
Cinematography: Michel-clement Franco
Cast: Giancarlo Commare, Eduardo Valdarnini, Gianmarco Saurino, Michela Giraud, Lorenzo Adorni, Carlo Calderone, Barbara Chichiarelli
Producer: Rufus Film
Genre: Comedy. Drama. Romance | Gay & Lesbian
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Synopsis: Antonio is a 30 yo family man, whose life finds an unexpected twist when he’s suddenly dumped by his husband, whom he depends both psychologically and economically: he needs to find a new place to stay, a job and a new purpose in life. Antonio finds a room in an apartment owned by Denis and starts to work in a bakery owned by Luca, while attending pastry school.