L’homme est une femme comme (1998) Subs Eng

Original title: L’homme est une femme comme les autresaka
Year: 1998
Running time: 100 min.
Country: France
Director: Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Screenwriter: Gilles Taurand, Jean-Jacques Zilbermann, Joele Van Effenterre
Cinematography: Pierre Aïm
Cast: Antoine de Caunes, Elsa Zylberstein, Gad Elmaleh, Michel Aumont, Judith Magre, Maurice Bénichou
Producer: M6 Films, Les Films Balenciaga
Genre: Comedy. Romance | Romantic Comedy
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Synopsis: Simon has only ever been interested in boys. He turned his back on his family, duty and everything to do with Jewish tradition a long time ago. Rosalie was raised in a New York Hassidic Jewish family. Now she gives concert performances on the French Jewish cultural circuit, singing songs in Yiddish in her gorgeous soprano voice. When she sees Simon for the first time, she falls in love — with his clarinet. Simon plays it like a virtuoso. Rosalie knows nothing about his sexual preferences. She figures that anyone who can make her toes curl like that must be an inspired being. Despite their differences, their paths are destined to cross. With imposture on the one hand and misjudgment on the other, any marriage between them can surely only lead to disaster. And yet… Even if their true selves can’t change, little by little their lives will be transformed forever.