Mailman (2021) Gay Movies Online Streaming

Original title: Mailman
Year: 2021
Running time: 1h 21min
Country: United States
Director: Joseph Baken
Screenwriter: Joseph Baken
Cinematography: N/A
Cast: Jack Plotnick, Paul Vogt, Lauren Burns
Producer: N/A
Genre: Comedy

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Synopsis: Phil is a postman, and though he loves his job, he really wants to be a writer. But how does one become a creative force? Phil thinks he’s found the answer when an old woman on his route dies under mysterious circumstances. Phil suspects foul play, and descends into an investigatory rabbit hole, hoping to land a juicy story. But, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Phil discovers the most important journey in uncovering truth is not an outward one, a wild goose chase; but a quest for inner truth. MAILMAN is a black comedy, a musical, and a modern coming out story.x