Love in Country (2023) Free Gay Movies Online

Original title: Love in Country
Year: 2023
Running time: 2h 2min
Country:  United States
Director: Kurt Braun , Richard Gayton
Screenwriter: Richard Gayton
Music: Tony Buchen
Cinematography: Indie Rights Movies
Cast: David Garbe, Michael Southworth, Vincent van Hinte, Elijah Olachea, Jon Owens, Robert M. O’Brien, John Michael Tilmont, Vu Ha, Brandon Yutterman, David A. Miller, Lee Christman, Jamison Key, Aki Aitos
Producer: Jerry McGrath
Genre: Drama | Gay & Lesbian
Category: Tag:


Synopsis: It’s 1968. Ian and John, two young point men in love in the midst of the Vietnam War, lead their squad in a desperate attempt to survive a botched Phoenix Mission, despite their Captain who has lost his humanity and who will use any means to win, including sacrificing the squad.

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