Le paradis (The Lost Boys) 2023 – Subs Eng

Original title: Le paradis
Year: 2023
Running time: 88 min.
Country: Belgium
Director: Zeno Graton
Screenwriter: Clara Bourreau, Zeno Graton
Cast: Khalil Ben Gharbia · Julien De Saint Jean · Jonathan Couzinié · Eye Haïdara · Samuel Di Napoli · Matéo Bastien · N’landu Lubansu · Amine Hamidou
Music: Bachar Mar-Khalifé
Cinematography: Olivier Boonjing.
Producer: Co-production Belgium-France; Menuetto Film, Silex Films, Tarantula. Distributor: Rézo Films
Genre: Drama
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Synopsis: In a youth correctional facility, Joe is preparing for his return to society. But William’s arrival turns his desire for freedom into desire of another kind. Behind fences and cell walls, passions begin to play havoc with the need for liberty.

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