Label Me (2019) Gay Movie Streaming Online

Original title: Label Me
Year: 2019
Running time: 60 min.
Country: Germany
Director: Kai Kreuser
Screenwriter: Kai Kreuser
Music: Max Kelm
Cinematography: Malte Hafner
Cast: Nikolaus Benda, Renato Schuch, Jogi Kaiser, Georg Paluza, Timur Uelker, Cem Aydin, Gioele Viola, Thomas Balou Martin
Producer: Internationale Filmschule Köln (IFS)
Genre: Drama | Gay & Lesbian. Immigration
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Synopsis: No kissing. No passive penetration. For Waseem the rules are very clear: When Lars pays him for sex then only in a way that he can reconcile with his heterosexuality. On the one side the refugee from Syria living in a shelter, on the other side the wealthy German with a loft apartment – the differences couldn’t be more crass and yet both are connected by a sincere interest in each other.