Jolly Fellows (2009) Subs. Eng – Gay Movies Online

Original title: Jolly Fellows
Year: 2009
Running time: 91 minutes.
Country: Russia
Director: Felix Mikhailov
Screenwriter: Felix Mikhailov
Music: Andrei Danilko
Cinematography: Gleb Teleshov
Cast:  Ville Haapasalo, Danila Kozlovsky, Ivan Nikolayev
Producer: Survive Entertainment
Genre: Comedy – Drama
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Synopsis: The action takes place in the late 1990s in Moscow, Russia. At the center of the film is the difficult fate of five men, performers of a drag revue, who meet at a restaurant after the dissolution of their creative troupe. They take turns to give an interview to a young journalist who, after being carried away by their interesting stories, permanently forgets the purpose of the conversation. Everyone has his own way of getting into a drag show, everyone has his own goals in life, everyone has his own destiny.

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