Jamie Marks Is Dead (2014) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Jamie Marks Is Dead
Year: 2014
Running time: 100 min.
Country: United States
Director: Carter Smith
Screenwriter: Carter Smith. Novel: Christopher Barzak
Music: François Eudes
Cinematography: Darren Lew
Cast: Cameron Monaghan, Morgan Saylor, Liv Tyler, Judy Greer, Madisen Beaty, Erin Wilhelmi, Noah Silver, Ronen Rubinstein, Erin Wilhelmi
Producer: Verisimilitude
Genre: Drama. Fantasy | Supernatural. Independent Film (US)

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Synopsis: In a wintry small town, the body of a teenager named Jamie Marks is found by the river. Adam, the star of his cross-country team, becomes fascinated with Jamie—a boy nobody really knew or interacted with, except occasionally to bully him. When Jamie’s ghost begins to appear both to Adam and Gracie, the classmate who discovered the body, Adam is…