Impossible Choice (2012) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Impossible Choice
Year: 2012
Running time: 1h 52min
Country: United States
Director: Ronald Marquisee
Screenwriter: Ronald Marquisee
Music: Todd Hobin
Cinematography: Ronald Marquisee
Cast: Jesse Navagh, Tyler Spicer, Darian Sundberg, Mark Cole (XII), Marguerite Sundberg, Nancy Roberts
Producer: Ronald Marquisee
Genre: Drama | Romance

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Synopsis: For the minister’s son, this is a summer of awakening and acceptance of his homosexuality. For his father, this is a challenge to his roots in the bible as he interprets its posture on sexuality that drives him to ‘save’ his son by killing his lover. In a broader exploration of ‘acceptance’, a play-within-the-film recalls two landmark tragedies in the history of gay culture: the murder of Mathew Shepard, and the suicide of Tyler Clementi. An intertwined story traces an Erie Canal cruise operator’s challenges in starting a ‘gay’ cruise in conservative Upstate New York. The message, ‘Accept what you can’t change.