Ice Men (2004) Best LGTB Gay Movies Online

Original title. Ice Men
Year: 2004
Running time: 108 min.
Country: Canada Canada
Director: Thom Best
Screenwriter: Michael MacLennan
Music: Amy Fritz, Stacey Horricks
Cinematography: Gavin Smith
Cast: Martin Cummins, David Hewlett, Greg Spottiswood, James Thomas, Ian Tracey, Brandy Ledford, Thea Gill, Galen Dineen, Henry Dineen, Justin Heeley, Keith Jackson, Travis Ryder
Producer: Black Walk Productions
Genre: Drama

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Synopsis: For the first time since taking possession of the family cabin, Vaughn has invited his best friends up for a winter weekend of hunting and drinking. But the arrival of unexpected visitors turns a simple getaway into two days of life-changing turmoil.