Hard (1998) (102 min) Watch Gay Movies Online

Original title: Hard
Year: 1998
Running time: 102 min.
Country: United States United States
Director: John Huckert
Screenwriter: John Huckert, John Matkowsky
Music: John Huckert, Phil Settle
Cinematography: John Matkowsky
Cast: Noel Palomaria, Malcolm Moorman, Charles Lanyer, Michael Waite, Paula Kay Perry
Producer: MPH Production
Genre: Thriller | Independent Film (US). Serial Killers. Prostitution. Cop Movies. Gay & Lesbian

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Synopsis: When a series of brutal killings of young male hustlers awakens the police to the threat of a serial killer, rookie detective Raymond Fates (Noel Palomaria) and his seasoned partner detective Tom Ellis (Charles Lanyer) battle an intolerant police department that is indifferent to these “misdemeanor killings.