Fur Coat and no Knickers (2009) Free Gay Movies

Original title: Fur Coat and No Knickers
Year: 2009
Running time: 92 min.
Country: Ireland
Director: Paul Ward
Screenwriter: Paul Ward
Cast: Amy Hughes, Fergus McCarthy, Danny O’Connor, Robbie Walsh, Thomas Farrell
Cinematography: Arthur Mulhern
Producer: Misty Productions. Distributor: Misty Productions
Genre: Comedy | Gay & Lesbian
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Synopsis: The story tells the story of three main characters and their love lifes. Stephen, 23, a young actor, David, 30, a commercials director and John, 33, a once famous soap opera actor now doing very bad fringe theatre. Stephen and John are both struggling young actors who live in a very open and proudly gay section of Dublin.

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