From Zero to I Love You (2019) Gay Movies Online

Original title: From Zero to I Love You
Year: 2019
Running time: 106 min.
Country: United States
Director: Douglas Spearman
Screenwriter: Douglas Spearman
Music: Mervyn Warren, Malik Williams
Cinematography: Kevin James Barry, Peter Steusloff
Cast: Al Sapienza, Leslie Zemeckis, Richard Lawson, Keili Lefkovitz, Jai Rodriguez, Scott Bailey, Darryl Stephens
Producer: Milton Ventures Media
Genre: Drama. Romance | Gay & Lesbian

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Synopsis: Darryl Stephens plays Pete Logsdon-just a guy in Philadelphia who happens to have a history of getting involved with married men. His father, played by veteran Richard Lawson and his soon-to-be step mom, Leslie Zemeckis, are on him to find someone who’s actually available and to settle down. Instead, he finds a man named Jack who is fifteen years into a perfect marriage with two beautiful children and an enviable wife.