Egoisuto (Egoist) 2022 – Subs Eng – Watch Gay Movies

Original title: Egoisuto
Year: 2022
Running time: 120 min.
Country: Japan
Director: Daishi Matsunaga
Screenwriter: Daishi Matsunaga, Kyôko Inukai. Novel: Makoto Takayama
Cast: Ryohei Suzuki · Hio Miyazawa · Yuko Nakamura · Iori Wada · Durian Lollobrigida · Akira Emoto · Sawako Agawa
Music: Hiroko Sebu
Cinematography: Naoya Ikeda
Producer: Nikkatsu, Rights Cube, Robot Communications Inc., Robot Communications Inc., Tokyo Theatres K.K.
Genre: Drama. Romance | Family Relationships. Gay & Lesbian
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Synopsis: When Kosuke was 14 years old, his mother died. He spent his adolescence in a rural village and suppressed his feelings as a gay male. Now, Kosuk works as a fashion magazine editor in Tokyo. He meets Ryuta, who works as a personal trainer. Ryuta’s mother raised him alone and he is close to his mom. Kosuke and Ryuta become attracted to each other and they sometimes spend time with Ryuta’s mother. Kosuke and Ryuta make an appointment to go for a drive together, but, on that day, Ryuta does not show up.

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