Conspiracy of Silence (2003) Gay Movies Online

Original title: Conspiracy of Silence
Year: 2003
Running time: 1h 30min
Country: United Kingdom – Ireland
Director: John Deery
Screenwriter: John Deery
Music: Francis Haines
Cinematography: Jason Lehel
Cast: Jonathan Forbes, Brenda Fricker, Niall O’Brien
Producer: TLA Releasing
Genre: Drama Suspense

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Synopsis: A can of worms is opened within the Irish Catholic Church following two controversial incidents, the suicide of Frank Sweeney, a parish priest and the expulsion of Daniel McLaughlin, a young trainee priest from a nearby seminary, on the grounds that he was open to the sexual advances of a male colleague. A local journalist, David Foley, is convinced that Sweeney’s death and Daniel’s expulsion are linked. Desperate to clear his good name and be re-instated, Daniel agrees to talk to Foley. As the story gathers momentum, the Church closes ranks.