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Original title: Clandestinos
Year: 2007
Running time: 84 min.
Country: Spain
Director: Antonio Hens
Screenwriter: Antonio Hens, Gabriel Olivares
Music: Sergio de la Puente
Cinematography: César Hernando
Cast: Israel Rodríguez, Mehroz Arif, Hugo Catalán, Juan Luis Galiardo, Luis Hostalot, Antonio Dechent, Ana Rayo, Inma Cuevas, Pepa Aniorte, Pablo Puyol
Producer: Malas Compañías P.C., Galiardo Producciones
Genre: Drama | Gay & Lesbian. Terrorism. ETA

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Synopsis: Xabi has been living in reformatories since he was abandoned being a child. He seldom manages to escape. One time out he met Iñaki, a mid-age ETA terrorist who became his teacher, his mentor. This time Xabi is in a high security correctional after he threw a gasoline bottle to a policeman in a street raid and nearly burnt him dead. Xabi, with mate Joel –a young Mexican- and Driss –a just made 18 Moroccan who is going to be deported- manage to escape and arrive in Madrid. They are Clandestine. Xabi looks for Iñaki. He wishes to join ETA. But Iñaki is missing. Xabi decides to hold on his mates and attempt in the very heart of Madrid to prove Iñaki and ETA that he is prepared to join the band. Nevertheless, Xabi hides under the mask of ideological fanatism an aim that is impossible to carry on belonging to a terror organisation…