Chuecatown / Boystown (2007)(Eng Sub)

Título original. Chuecatown
Año: 2007
Duración: 100 min.
País: España
Dirección: Juan Flahn
Guion: Félix Sabroso, Dunia Ayaso, Juan Flahn
Música: David San José
Fotografía: Juan Carlos Lausín
Reparto: Pepón Nieto, Pablo Puyol, Concha Velasco, Rosa María Sardà, Carlos Fuentes, Eduard Soto, Mariola Fuentes, Yurena, Joan Crosas, Pedro Veral, Montserrat Alcoverro, Ángel Burgos, Margarita Calatayud
Productora: Filmax, Canónigo Films, Castelao Productions
Género: Comedia | Homosexualidad
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Synopsis: Victor works in a real estate agency in the well-known Chueca neighborhood of Madrid. He hides a terrible secret: he makes apartments available for sale by murdering the old ladies owners that live in them. Then, refurbishes and decorates the apartments to sell them to gay couples with high purchasing power. His ultimate objective is to transform Chueca into a kind of London Soho area.
Victors latest victim appears in the apartment next door to a gay couples place, Ray and Leo. Ray inherited the apartment from the victim and hands it over as a gift to Antonia, his mother. Antonia is always meddling in his relationship with Leo, whom she despises.
Inspector Mila, an eccentric woman with many phobias, and her son Luis are investigating the murder, while Victor will seduce Leo in order to gain access to his apartment so he can kill Antonia.