Buey Rojo Sangre (2021) Watch Free Gay Movies

Original title: Buey rojo sangre
Aka: Blood-Red Ox
Year:  2021
Running time: 94 min.
Country: Bolivia
Director: Rodrigo Bellott
Screenwriter: Nathan Atkins, Rodrigo Bellott
Music: Chase Deso
Cinematography: Sergio Bastani
Cast: Mazin Akar, Kaolin Bass, Andrea Camponovo, Vitorio Lema, Idalmis Garcia, Julián Mercado, Miguel Michel, Ana Dominguez, Toto Vaca, Shawn Brown, Mary Ellen Liepins, Marco Antonio Mercado
Producer: Co-production Bolivia-United States; Kantrr Films. Distributor: Breaking Glass Pictures, Media Luna New Films
Genre: Horror. Thriller | Psychological Thriller. Gay & Lesbian
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Synopsis: Amir and Amat are invited to a trip into the South American rain forest, but the pleasant visit to Bolivia quickly takes a bizarre turn as Amat starts having strange visions and loses his mind over the ghostly presence of a giant blood red ox. Amir must save his boyfriend from paranoia but he will quickly realize he can’t trust nothing and nobody – as he might be losing his mind too.

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