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Original title: Batguano
Year: 2014
Running time: 74 min.
Country: Brazil Brazil
Director: Tavinho Teixeira
Screenwriter: Tavinho Teixeira
Cinematography: Marcelo Lordello
Cast: Everaldo Pontes, Tavinho Teixeira, Cícero Ferreira, Ian Abé, Gian Orsini, Arthur Lins, Bruno César, João Paiva Porpino
Genre: Mystery. Romance. Sci-Fi

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Synopsis: Batman and Robin struggling to survive in a apocalyptic third world.

The film climaxes when Batman and Robin get into a car to drive around the city. In the best of old Hollywood style, the illusion of movement is created through a backdrop projection of street scenes. The result is beautiful and riveting, an ode to cinema as the dream factory, the escape route that we desperately need sometimes. Amidst the debris of post-industrial civilization, Batguano is teeming with hope, poetry, humour and a very human touch. Batguano is an exponent of Brazilian marginal cinema, but it has hardly been showcased outside the country. DMovies selected it as one of “the dirtiest Brazilian films of the past 10 years”. It’s not too late for the flying mammal to spread its wings across the Atlantic.

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