BARE – The Beginning (2023) Gay Movies Online

Original title: BARE – The Beginning
Year: 2023
Running time: 1h 6min
Country: Germany
Director: Klara Eßer
Screenwriter: Elias BraunKlara – EßerSimon Kühn
Cast: Andrea Meurers, Echo, Ira T., Kerstin Wucharz, Mick Daubenfeld, Nick Sheth, Pascal Torka, Pinkas Hoffmann, Simon Middelkoop
Music: BudgetBudget
Producer: Klara Eßer
Genre: Romance.
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Synopsis: Based on the pop opera “Bare,” the movie unfolds in the confines of St. Cecilia Catholic Boarding School, where Peter, portrayed by Nick Sheth, finds himself amidst the backdrop of his parents’ separation. The narrative takes a compelling turn when he encounters his new roommate, Jason, played by Mick Daubenfeld, leading to a journey of self-discovery, conflicting emotions, and profound decisions.

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